COVID 19 Lockdown

COVID 19 Lockdown is changing the lives of billions of people worldwide. Forced to stay home in 2020 is the response to try to stem the spread of the coronavirus referred to as COVID 19. For people used to having the freedom to go anywhere they like, and work away from home, this is a complete and sudden change in circumstances.

It is also the perfect time to have a Staycation Retreat.  To journey within your heart, soul, and mind. Consequently, this is a strange new world for many people, especially extroverts.  As a result, you will meet numerous metaphorical dragons that need taming, befriending, and dancing with.  Don’t panic!  These dragons are guarding your untapped potentials and hidden treasures.  Therefore, use this enforced time at home to discover your valuable talents and attributes.  Then choose some new goals.  After that, you can decide and plan how you will adapt to the changing world.

Author, Deb Donnell, provides guidance to assist you through this new and special world you find yourself in. She has worked from home for many years. Additionally, introverted by nature, she is a Gen X-er who prefers to stay home as much as possible. Deb provides tips and strategies to keep you safe and productive.

Her preferred medium of communication is writing. However, she provides virtual video and audio workshops, coaching, and mentoring, as well as office hours, through her online membership site, KESWiN Academy.

Make the most of your COVID 19 Lockdown by sharing in, and getting inspiration and motivation from Deb Donnell’s experiences. More importantly, choose to be the hero in your life journey, and decide how you can make a difference to help others in the future.

Stay Safe. Remain at Home. Keep Your Loved Ones Healthy.

Being Hopeful in 2022

Being Hopeful in 2022

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what is freedom

What is Freedom and Do You Need to Fight for It?

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Manage Covid 19 Stress Tips

How to Manage Covid-19 Stress

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Feeling Overwhelm with Covid-19 Impact

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Acronym for Fear

Acronym for Fear Factual Evidence Analyse Respond

Most people think of the acronym for FEAR being “False Evidence Appearing Real”.  The consequences of thinking this way keeps you stuck and unable to move forward.  As a result, you focus and feed your imagination on the negatives.  Consequently, feelings of anxiety, overwhelm, and paralysis are generated. For example, take the info-pandemic that has …

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