What is Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship encompasses business practices for small businesses, from start-up, to day to day operations, and growth planning.

How do I define small business?

It is any business that has less than $2,000,000 turnover a year. It could be a self-employed individual, a mom and pop company (to use an American term), or an enterprise run by partners or a board of directors. It may have one employee, or it may have over 20 staff. It may operate from home, from business premises, or several locations in a city, region (state or province), country or several countries.

Who will benefit from this website?

Entrepreneurs who are self motivated, disciplined and committed to achieving success. You will be willing to set goals, stay focused, persevere no matter what, and grow your business beyond just owning a job. You can choose to self drive your journey by accessing the free and paid information available on this website, or you might like to accelerate your journey by accessing training, mentoring and consulting services at WritingDiamonds.com. This will help you to build an authority brand through SEO Copywriting and Content Marketing, and maybe even publish a book or two.

My mission this lifetime is to encourage self motivated entrepreneurs to release their trapped dreams and grow successful businesses.

Which topic do I choose first?

I’ll be honest with you. The entrepreneurial journey is not for everyone. There is an overwhelming amount of information, challenges, risks, and rewards. Yes, there are rewards. When you set up in business. When you put up your first website. When you create a monetized offering. When you make a sale. When someone is referred to you. And the list goes on.

In order to reduce, and possibly eliminate the overwhelm, take your time reading through the various sections on this website, and apply them to your dream of entrepreneurship. We have broken this into three sections: Entrepreneurship, Self Motivation, and Success. Each section is broken into sub sections, which will provide guidance as you plan and travel your journey through the business world.

Entrepreneurship Sub Sections

Entrepreneur Definition

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