What is Entrepreneurship?

For the purposes of this website, I define Entrepreneurship as a solo owned and operated business build on the owner's expertise.

Your journey may just be starting, or you may be part of the way down the path, needing help to build your thought leadership in the marketplace.

If you are self-motivated, disciplined and committed to the journey, you will achieve success. It's important to be willing to set goals, stay focused, persevere no matter what. A desire to grow your business beyond just owning a job will help too!

You can choose to self drive your journey by accessing the free and paid information available on this website. Or you might like to accelerate your journey by accessing training and mentoring services at WritingDiamonds.com. This will help you to build an authority brand through SEO Copywriting and Content Marketing, and maybe even publish a book or two.

My mission is to empower you to release your trapped diamonds and grow your successful authority brand.

Why Should I Start the Entrepreneurship Journey?

I'll be honest with you. The entrepreneurship journey is not for everyone. There is an overwhelming amount of information, challenges, and risks along the way. But there are also plenty of rewards. Such as when you set up in business. And when you put up your first website. And when you create a monetised offering. And when you make a sale. And when someone is referred to you. And the list goes on.

In order to reduce, and possibly eliminate the overwhelm, take your time reading through the various articles on this website. If you find something that gels with you, apply it to your dream of entrepreneurship.

I hope to provide you with guidance as you plan and travel your journey through the business world. To take the next step, browse the articles below.