Welcome to Deb Donnell's Resources Centre

Entrepreneurship is a personal development journey that you do not need to travel alone. I've found guidance, inspiration and success through a variety of media and training programmes, from the world's leaders in entrepreneurship, self motivation, success, writing, publishing and marketing.

To help you on your journey, I've indie published several books and training programmes, through my business ventures, Keswin Publishing and Writing Diamonds. I also have Reflections and Reviews on other relevant publications, training programmes, software, online tools and more.

One thing I have seen over my years of research, learning and testing, is that there are foundation principles, values, strategies and processes for the personal development journey and business practices required for success. Although there is a variety of masters in every industry, it is important to study from a wide selection of them. You might hear or read the same advice from several different sources, but it may be only one source that really connects with you on that topic,

Be open to listening to all that you see, hear and read. Develop the skills to unravel what they are saying, and decide for yourself if they match your core values, beliefs and principles. Then narrow down the list of the masters you follow and become a diligent student of one or two from each industry. This will allow you to be distraction free, and enable you to reach your destination faster.

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