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Deb's Mission

To empower you to release your trapped diamonds and grow your successful authority brand.

A message from Deb Donnell

The best way to build your authority brand is by sharing your KESWIN™ (Knowledge, Experiences, Skills, Wisdom, Ideas, Natural Abilities) through quality, authoritative, original content. The best person to create that content is you. But you may not be the best person to publish it.

The best analogy I have found is to compare creating and publishing content to the journey natural diamonds take. They start out being created deep inside the Earth. They are then ejected up onto the surface of the planet where they lie, undiscovered. At this stage, they are in rough form. According to the Gemological Institute of America, around 30% are gem quality. 70% are useful for industrial purposes. The rest are too flawed for any use. Of those graded as gem quality, less than 3% reach the top grades.

Being recognised as a thought leader or authority brand has similar results - only about 3% achieve this status. Around 30% do build a profitable business. My goal is to guide you to at least get into the 30% and strive to reach the top 3%.

To do this, I have founded the Diamond Content Publishing System™ and KESWIN™ Academy. Both will help you to identify your valuable diamonds, build your authoritative online presence, develop your SEO copywriting and content marketing skills, and even publish a few books.

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