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Hello from Deb Donnell

Deb Donnell Coach and AuthorI’m excited to meet you and to be able to share some of my story with you.  More importantly, I hope that something on my website will encourage you to tell your story before you die.

Once you get to know me better, you will learn that I have dedicated my life to pursuing a better life, and helping others pursue a better life for themselves too.  This is not an easy path to take, but it’s definitely a rewarding one!

Pursuing a better life is a high-wire journey, isn’t it?  One where you find yourself stepping into the unknown.  Sometimes it can feel very confusing and lonely.

But what if you don’t need to figure out the answers on your own?  Because the good news is that I’m walking the high-wire before you.  Therefore I’m sharing some of my experiences of my journey on this website.  Additionally, you will access further guidance through my publications, services, and training academy.

Moreover, part of being the Hero of your life’s journey requires you to travel into special new worlds.  As a result, once you step through the gateway, you discover new things about yourself.  This is where the magic starts.  You accept challenges.  Overcome obstacles.  Learn lessons.  Explore the unknown.  Find treasure.  And, most importantly, you are rewarded with personal growth from your experiences.

Furthermore, on my own quests, I’ve been lucky to have really great mentors guiding me.  Best of all, they pass their expertise on to me.  And then, I pay it forward.  As a result, I am tasked with carrying on their legacies to inspire people like you to greatness.

Pointing the Way Ahead

Over the past thirty years I’ve travelled the path ahead of you and worked on many projects.  In other words, we have similar dreams and goals, and are like-minded.  So my mission is to guide you through your personal development and authorship quests.   Firstly, we discover what makes your heart sing.  Next we identify your hidden treasure.  Then we decide how you will share it with others.  Maybe you’ll start a info-website.  Perhaps you will write and publish a book.  Most likely you will set up a passion-based business. 

I work with clients from around the world, and have done since 2006.  So it doesn’t matter whether you are in New Zealand, Australia, Great Britain, Ireland, Canada or the United States of America.  Most certainly, we all have similar problems and concerns about the future.  Therefore I am committed to doing deep-dive research.  And I persist at thoroughly testing solutions to ensure they work.

For example, some of my solutions include developing the Diamond Publishing System™, established KESWiN™ Academy, and KESWiN™ Publishing.

KESWiN™ is an acronym for your valuable talents and attributes, which I categorise as your:


deas, and 


About Deb Donnell and my KESWiN™

My KESWiN™ is briefly summarised on the flip-cards below.  Also, you can explore the articles on this website to discover more about Deb Donnell – Coach | Mentor | Author.  Moreover, this will help you decide if we’re a good fit to work together on your transformative journey.


Knowledge is learned facts, processed and analysed data, and assessed information.
I'm an avid, lifelong learner. I do a lot of self-study, but have also gained a number of official qualifications.
More Info


Experience is the actual application of knowledge in the real world, through encounters, direct participation, or observations.
I have applied my knowledge to establishing and growing my businesses as well as helping others to establish and grow their businesses.
More Info


Skill-Sets are developed competency and proficiency of experiences, through practice in work and leisure activities.
 I have competency and proficiency in multi-facets of publishing, jewellery, content marketing, and technology related areas.
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Wisdom is understanding or application of knowledge, experiences skill-sets; using judgement before acting.
Wisdom comes through internally reflecting on what we have externally participated in, been impacted by, or contributed to. This allows us to learn and grow so that we bring more value to the communities we are part of.


Insights emerge from deeper level awareness of how knowledge, experiences, skill-sets and wisdom interconnects.
I am a deep thinking individual, that leans towards being an introvert. However, this allows me to spend a lot of time reflecting. For example, how ideas emerge from what happens in my own life journey. Also thinking about how I will serve and encourage others. Then I am able to inspire, influence, and mentor people through my actions, publications, training, and services,


Narratives are the sharing of knowledge, experiences, skill-sets, wisdom, and ideas with like-minded people.
I provide coaching, consulting, training, mentoring, public speaking services, and lots more (see my Skill-Sets section). My publications and books focus on empowering people through sharing stories of transformative journeys, and providing tools to help overcome challenges and obstacles.

Discover More About Deb Donnell

In addition to my KESWiN™, my values include entrepreneurship, self-motivation, success, integrity and high standards is deeply ingrained in my DNA.  Consequently, it is essential that the people in my network, and those I work with and/or lead, share similar values.  In other words, they share similar levels of integrity, high standards and values.  Therefore, I only network with, and recommend people who I have 100% confidence.  Because they have proven their KESWIN™ and integrity to me.  And they have similar high standards and values to mine.

Furthermore, you can read some of the media articles and reviews about my work, along with some testimonials.

Deb Donnell’s Mission

After going on many heroic quests over the years, I have identified my most rewarding mission: 

To empower you to discover what makes your heart sing, and pursue passion-based ventures.

Work with Me

Perhaps you’d like to work with me to identify and share your KESWiN™.   For example, I provide one-on-one personal development coaching, writing and publishing mentoring, WordPress, content marketing and book publishing services.  These are conducted via online via video conferencing channels.

Other options for you to work with me include group training inside my training academy. Or if you prefer to self-drive, you can purchase access to all my publications in the membership library.  Alternatively, you can purchase individual copies of my books, workshops, and other publications.

Alternatively, you may like to take a little more time to see if we’re a good fit.  As previously mentioned, there are a multiple ways to do this.  Such as through my website, publications, services and training academy, or on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Probably we have some mutual areas of interest or activity.  Or maybe you’ll get value from the insights I offer online and/or offline.  Perhaps I have some solutions to your problems.  Who knows?  So if you think we’re a good fit to work together, please contact me.

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