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Deb Donnell

Welcome!  I’m Deb Donnell.  Do you have a life story trapped inside of you?  

  • It may be an autobiography you’d like to write and publish commercially.
  • Alternatively it could be a personal memoir you’d like to gift to your descendants.
  • Or you may have researched your family history and want to create a permanent legacy? 
  • Perhaps your story documents your professional expertise which you want to share with colleagues, clients or like-minded readers.
Whatever your story, I can help you write, edit, publish and share it with your chosen audience.  I offer oral history interviews, life story writing services (including biographies, family histories, memoirs and thought leadership publications) and one-on-one coaching or mentoring.

I also offer online and local workshops and courses to teach you how to preserve your personal stories and valuable knowledge.  If you are interested in releasing your trapped story then I can help you.

How May I Help You?

“81 percent of people feel that they have a book in them — and should write it.”
2002 Survey reported in the New York Times

If you are among the 81 percent, I’m here to help you release your trapped story.  The first step in our journey together will be to set realistic expectations.  We will decide who you are writing the book for, and what success looks like for you.

This is crucial, because assuming the above 81 percent all start writing their book, only 3 percent will actually finish it.  So in order for you to not die with your life story trapped inside you, it’s best to engage the services of a professional.

Fortunately, technology allows me to work with clients all over the world.  So you don’t have to live locally to work with me.  We can easily connect and work together via the Internet or telephone.

Work with Deb Donnell

As well as offering writing and publishing services, I also offer mentoring and consulting services to individuals who want to share their unique and valuable treasure through content marketing and book publishing.  Working together lightens the load and fast tracks your journey to success.

Deb Donnell Work with Me

One-on-one Coaching

90 minute coaching sessions tailored to focus on whatever you need to work on. These are conducted via online video calls.


Group Coaching

Weekly online coaching, with supportive, like-minded people. Progressive step-by-step programmes. Limited numbers.



A range of topic specific publications to guide you through the journey. Available as one-offs, or a membership subscription.

Articles by Deb Donnell

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