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Welcome!  I’m Deb Donnell.  Are you ready to take the next step in you life transforming journey?

  • Have the events of 2020 given you the chance for self-reflection?
  • How did your past decisions and actions support you during Covid-19 lockdown?
  • Who would you prefer to be in control of your state of mind moving forward?
    The government?  The news media?   Social networks?  Or yourself?
  • Why let others diminish who you are, or limit your choices when you have the unlimited potential to be the best person you can be?
  • What if you had access to unique and valuable hidden treasure to build a better life?
  • Where will you be in the future if you have clarity, purpose and meaning?
  • When will you set goals, develop an action plan, and implement the strategies needed to achieve your dreams?
At the start of 2020, like so many others around the world, I sat down and planned out the year ahead.  Most importantly, I set goals, and worked out the strategy on how to achieve them.
However, twelve weeks later, I was in Covid-19 lockdown, along with the rest of New Zealand.  Unfortunately, the tourism based book project I had planned had to be placed on hold indefinitely. 
As a result, I spent the next few weeks drawing on my NLP and Neuro-semantics training to adjust to the rapidly changing world.  I know that these external events have been a challenge for everyone mentally, emotionally, and economically.    Maybe my own experiences and training are able to guide you as you adapt to the impact and changes to your life journey.

How May I Help You?

“Life isn’t about finding yourself.  Life is about creating yourself.”
—George Bernard Shaw

If you are feeling lost, take a deep breath, and focus on your physical surroundings.  Notice what you notice.  See what you see.  Hear what you hear.  Feel what you feel.  And as you do so, you will find your state of mind changing.  Because being “lost” or “found”  is really just a state of mind.  And this is one of the things you have full control over.  How you think, feel, act, and communicate.

*In case you’ve never heard of NLP (Neuro-Linguistics Programming), or Neuro-Semantics, they are branches of self-actualization psychology which gives you a powerful toolkit to become the best version of yourself.  In other words, these tools enable you to be in charge of your thoughts and emotions (states) as well as how you behave and interact.  Most importantly, they give you the necessary skills to find purpose and meaning, as well as create yourself, and the future you most desire (subject to Covid-19 travel restrictions)!

Fortunately, technology allows me to work with clients all over the world.  So even if you are still in lock-down, we are able to easily connect and work together via the Internet or telephone.


One-on-one Coaching

90 minute coaching sessions tailored to focus on whatever you need to work on. These are conducted via online video calls.


Group Coaching

Weekly online coaching, with supportive, like-minded people. Progressive step-by-step programmes. Limited numbers.



A range of topic specific publications to guide you through the journey. Available as one-offs, or a membership subscription.

Work with Deb Donnell

As well as offering personal development coaching sessions, I also offer mentoring and consulting services to individuals who want to share their unique and valuable treasure through content marketing and book publishing.  Working together lightens the load and fast tracks your journey to success.

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