Sounds Historical Interview 19 June 2011

Sounds Historical with Jim Sullivan on Radio New Zealand interviews Deb Donnell.  Date 19 June 2011.

I was interviewed about the book I was working on at the time of the February 2011 earthquakes, Café Reflections.

This programme gives listeners their chance to learn about the colourful, dramatic, and often remarkable events and people of New Zealand’s past.

Preserving Something of Christchurch on Sounds Historical

Listen to the interview below.  I talk about the effect of the loss of small businesses in Christchurch, and the importance of recording memories about them. It was only a few months after the February 2011 earthquakes, and I was uncertain about what my future held.

You can listen to the whole Sounds Historic 19 June 2011 episode here

Or you can listen to my portion of the episode by clicking the play icon on the below image.

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