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What is Freedom and Do You Need to Fight for It?

“What is freedom and do you need to fight for it?” This is a question that is on my mind 24/7 these days.  Especially with the huge amount of division, coercion, bullying and misinformation that is going on (from “both sides” of the “argument).

Note:  this article is my independent opinion, based on extensive research from both sides of the argument, using the critical thinking and analytical skills I have developed throughout my life.  This includes studying and understanding multiple aspects of psychology, including social, marketing, hypnotherapy, self-actualization, impact of mass trauma events, etc.

I appreciate that you may have a different opinion, and ask that if you wish to discuss it with me, you are respectful, have an open mind, and come from a perspective of “good point, but here is evidence to the contrary,” rather than being dismissive, defensive, or argumentative.  Thank you. 

Seeking Truth Down the Rabbit Hole

It’s a deep rabbit hole, and one that most people do not – or will not – venture down.  Instead, they seek the surface information, and take it on face value.  That deeply concerns me.  Because it is their health and freedoms, as well as the health and freedoms of those dependent on them, that they are not taking seriously.  Yes, I know, they think they are – but that is because this is the narrative that is being told by the authorities, and therefore the narrative they want people to buy into and believe.

Lessons from Star Trek

Science fiction is become “science fact” and reality more than we realise.  That is because most fictional stories are written to convey strong messages to the reader, in an enjoyable way.
I find it interesting to see how people love watching movies and television series where the theme is the ongoing battle between “dark” and “light”.  Star Wars is one such example.  And yet, when this battle becomes real life, they too readily flock to “the dark side.”  Why is that?

In 2021 it is more important than ever to help people escape from the hive mind – or as I like to refer to it as Star Trek’s Borg Queen and the Borg Collective. Our rights, freedoms, liberties, and dear I say it, the very future of humanity, relies on you to regain your independent thinking, feeling, behaviours and communications.

I’ve come across many people who say “I’ve done the research.”  And yet when you ask them to present evidence or reveal their sources, they can’t, or won’t, or exhibit confirmation bias. 

For example, when trying to define what is freedom?  I came across this  article by Kyle Ferguson, PhD, and Arthur Caplan, PhD:

“Most of us tend to think of freedom as having two signature features.  First, freedom is individualistic: The individual’s freedom is protected or restricted by laws, policies, and actions. Second, to be free is to be unbound: being free means being unconstrained, unruled, and unrestricted. The unbound individual, then, is the epitome of freedom.”

Their argument is that this is a faulty view of freedom.  I agree.  However, they are clearly biased in their argument, because they are arguing for limiting the freedoms of the unvaccinated.  At no point do they say “the argument by the unvaccinated does have some good points.  Therefore I disagree with their second feature.  Especially as there is growing evidence that the Covid-19 vaccine hesitants are actually more familiar with vaccine studies and their own risks than the vaccinated.

Why Most People’s View of Freedom is Flawed

Here are my thoughts based on 30+ years of pursing personal development, and training in the human potential branch of psychology.

Freedom is not so much individualistic. But it is each individual human no longer acting as a human doing whatever they want to do without consequences or concern for others.

Instead the individual must takes full responsibility and accountability for their thoughts, emotions, actions, and words. They must move beyond being a child, to becoming an individual, one that has meaning and purpose in their life, that focuses on productive means to empower themselves and enable others to empower themselves.

It is a childish mistake to think that freedom means being unconstrained, unruled and unrestricted. Such thinking absolves people of responsibility and accountability (as we are seeing in 2021.)

Sadly, too many people have not moved beyond childhood, especially in countries where Big Government takes care of them from the cradle to the grave.

In fact, one of my many mentors has been writing extensively about why today’s politics have failed us, based on current world events. If you’re interested in human potential, here is the link to my mentor’s articles. https://www.neurosemantics.com/topics/neurons-blog/nlp-and-politics/

What is Freedom’s Core Values?

Ultimately, freedom is having the core values of honesty, integrity, trustworthiness, quest for knowledge, truth, contribution, excellence, justice, respect for all living beings, etc. 

Become an Active Participant in the Fight for Your Freedom

Freedom is having the access to positive role models, coaches, mentors, etc. who give the individual the guidance and space to become self-empowered, to continually strive, until the day they die, to reach their fullest human potential and become best possible human being we can be.

While some people have the capacity to pursue this on their own, most need to be gently coached, mentored or guided through the process. Sadly many people seek out the wrong people to “guide” them – as we are seeing today.

Note:  I am currently working on group and self-driven training workshops and courses to help you identify or clarify your core values.  You can also work one-on-one with me in a coaching session.  Please contact me for more info.

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