Christchurch Writers’ Group (NEW!)

Free Your Inner Creator!

This is a new in-person mentor led group, located in Christchurch.  We meet weekly, in a safe, supportive, fun and informal space.   Using proven writing techniques, we will help you free the creative writer trapped inside you, helping with the healing and story telling process.
Time, day and location is still to be confirmed.  A donation/koha is appreciated.   To register your interest, please complete the form below.
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What to Expect

A long time ago, in a far away galaxy…

Okay, not quite a far away galaxy.  But in the time before Covid, terrorist attacks, floods, wildfires and earthquakes changed our lives forever in Christchurch, I used to run an in-person creative writing group.  And over the past 15 years I have run many online writing groups. 

Writing does not have to be a solitary affair where you are tied to your computer screen.  In fact, when you meet up and write with others, that’s when the magic starts to happen!
The vision is we meet weekly, throw some ideas (prompts) into a hat, pull one out, set the timer and write whatever we feel like using the prompt as our starting point.  This is known as stream of consciousness writing.  Although I usually refer to it as “Writing Practice.”
There is no purpose to writing practice, except that you are just writing for the love of writing.  You let the words flow onto the page, just like a runner lets the ground flow beneath their feet.
However, the real magic with group writing practice starts to happen when the timer stops.  Because each person then takes a turn to share what they have written (there is always the option to say no).

Technology-Free Writing Process

There is zero technology required for the proven writing process we’ll be using.  You can leave your laptops, tablets and phones at home.  Basically, all you need to bring with you is a notebook and a pen.  Nothing else! 

I recommend you purchase a Visual Art Diary which is spiral bound, A5, with blank pages (no lines).  You can pick them up from:

Writing Practice Journal Series #005: "Deep Reflections"

If the offline location, day and time is not suitable, I will be also providing this writing process as part of online group mentoring sessions through KESWiN™ Academy

Magic Happens When You Tell Your Story

There is only one strict rule with our writing group – and this is no critiquing Leave your critic/editor at the door.  Because this kind of writing is raw.  Individuals often share the dreams and hurts hidden deep in their heart and soul.  This is the bravest kind of writing there is and we need to ensure everyone feels safe.

That said, reading out your stream of consciousness writing can be very cathartic.  Because quite possibly for the first time in a long time, you are finally being listened to.  No one is judging you.  Instead, they are supporting and encouraging you to keep going.  They may even be shedding tears with you, and offering you a hug or two as well! 

How This Writing Process Helped Me

Back in that long time ago (actually 30+ years ago) prior to starting my first writing group, I was a wannabe author.  I had dreams.  I wrote in secret.  I lacked confidence in my writing skills (despite getting some great feedback from best selling authors!).  And I had plenty of half-finished, unread manuscripts sitting in the bottom drawer of my filing cabinet.

But then I decided to connect with other wannabe authors.  I put an ad in a newsletter, and had some interest.  And as we started writing together.  A core group of us bonded.  And over time, by the simple act of writing and sharing our stories with each other, we found our writing skills and confidence dramatically improved. 

More importantly, I self-published my first book.  And then I started working on my second book – a memoir of sorts – which ended up being independently published after the Christchurch Earthquake. 

And then I was approached to help edit and publish Responders which was an “overnight” success with the New Zealand booksellers and their customers.  Following on from that, a local book retailer suggested that I publish the Christchurch Then and Now books.  All in that series have been local best-sellers.  Unfortunately Covid took away my market (mainly tourists) and so the fourth edition has been on hold indefinitely.

How This Writing Process Helped Others

“About Me” stories are never really about the person writing them.  They are about how that individual has helped others.  Since 2008 I’ve been coaching and mentoring individuals and groups, online and offline, to gain confidence in their writing skills and ideas.  

Some have even gone on to build solo-businesses, websites, write articles, and even independently publish their books!  But don’t take my word for it.  I’ve posted some of their testimonials at the bottom of this page. 

So if you’re wondering how I can help you, my vision for this writing group is to help you:

  • find some like-minded travelling companions;
  • meet in-person together in a safe space;
  • build trusting, supportive relationships with the group;
  • so that you can reconnect with your inner creator;
  • start telling and sharing your story;
  • begin the heroic journey to healing and growing; and
  • most importantly, have a lot of fun and laughs along the way!
If you like the idea of this, then fill out the form at the top of this page (if you haven’t already) and we’ll meet in person soon.  Deb


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