This Publications List is continually growing and will be updated when each new publication is released. Links are provided to individual publications that are still in print.

Please explore the publications list below. Titles are listed from latest to earliest.

Print Book List

  • Christchurch, NZ (3rd Edition). ISBN 978-0-9941130-6-1. 2017.
  • Creating Published Diamonds. ISBN 978-0-9582780-9-6. 2016. Also available in ebook and pdf formats.
  • Diamond Creator: Module One Deb Donnell’s Diamond Publishing System. ISBN 978-0-9941130-4-7.
  • Writing Diamonds Journal: Stage I Creation, Deb Donnell’s Diamond Publishing System. ISBN 978-0-9582780-5-8. 2016.
  • Christchurch, NZ (2nd Edition). ISBN 978-0-9941130-0-9. 2015.
  • Christchurch, NZ (1st Edition). ISBN 978-0-9582780-6-5. 2014.
  • Responders: The New Zealand Volunteer Response Teams Christchurch Earthquake Deployments (co-author Pete Seager). ISBN 978-09582780-3-4. 2013.
  • Café Reflections: Cafés and Life in Christchurch CBD 1975-2012. Out of Print.
  • The Daffodil of Greendale. 2004. Out of Print.
  • Trails to Treasure: A Collection of Short Stories. 2003. Out of Print.

Digital Book List

  • Trails to Treasure (2nd Edition). A collection of 16 Short Stories and 8 Poems. ISBN 978-09582780-2-7. 2009.

Other Publications List

I have worked on various projects, including assisting clients with the editing and production of their print and digital books, website and marketing content. The articles, blog posts, white papers, and training modules I have authored and produced are numerous. Rather than produce a full list, it is best for you to explore this website, or visit my training website at to learn more.

Current Projects

  • Shaky Redzone Book of Facts. This is a series of non-fiction books for children aged 5-10 years. The author shares facts about various topics, including Earthquakes, City Demolition, City Rebuild, and Antarctica.
  • Everyday Happiness. This is a recipe book providing transformative strategies to help you create happiness in your daily life.
  • Life Lessons from Stanley and Other Cats. Cats provide humans with important lessons. Stanley had a brief life, but taught his humans and other cats many transformative lessons which are shared in this book.
  • Christchurch NZ 4th Edition. The city, and Canterbury region continues to transform. Photos continue to be taken and shared online, and will be collated into the 4th edition in due course.
  • KESWIN™ Academy. Empowering entrepreneurs to start and grow a service based business, using WordPress, content marketing and book publishing, following the KESWIN™ Entrepreneur Journey System. Learn more about this now here.