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This Publications List is continually growing and will be updated when each new publication is released. Links are provided to individual publications that are still in print.

Please explore the publications list below. Titles are listed from latest to earliest.

Print Book List

Digital Book List

  • Trails to Treasure (2nd Edition). A collection of 16 Short Stories and 8 Poems. ISBN 978-09582780-2-7. 2009.

Other Publications List

Furthermore, I have worked on various projects, including assisting clients with the editing and production of their print and digital books, website and marketing content. As a result, the articles, blog posts, white papers, and training modules I have authored and produced are numerous.

This is not a full publications list.  Therefore, it is best for you to explore this website, or visit my training website at to learn more.

Current Projects

Currently, I am working on a number of projects.  These include ones for the businesses I own, as well as for clients.  Additionally, I spend my “spare time” writing fiction novels.  Perhaps one day I will publish these.  But for now I consider them a hobby. 
 So, if you want to view my current projects, please click here.  Otherwise, please continue enjoying browsing this website by selecting one of the articles promoted on this page.  Thanks.

My Articles

Explore some of the articles I’ve published on this website.

Videos: Media Interviews

Media Interviews: Deb Donnell, Author Radio New ZealandSounds HistoricalJim Sullivan19 June 2011 BreakfastTV One15 February 2013 Canterbury LifeCTV25 February 2013

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