Current Projects I’m Working On

Current projects that I’m working on include launching my new training academy, along with the workshops, guidebooks, etc. that support it.  Additionally, I work on a freelance/contract basis for clients ranging from individuals to small businesses.  This ensures a lot of variety in my week.  Furthermore, it keeps me inspired and excited about my work and the future. 

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Authorship Training Centre

Library, Training Courses and Friendly Support

Seek the Future You Desire

KESWiN Academy provides the guidance, training and resources you need to build a home-based business. We help people who are experienced changes in your life, such as being suddenly unemployed, newly retired, or your nest has emptied out.
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Client Book Project Management

Collaboration on multi-generation family history

Creating a Legacy of Stories

Our ancestors have shaped who we are, both through DNA as well as by passing on their values, beliefs, talents, and attributes. Working closely with a large group of cousins, spanning four living generations, this book shares stories and images to share with and pass on as a valuable legacy to future generations.

Publishing Services and Books

Writing, Editing, Publishing, WordPress, Marketing

Professional Services

My team at KESWiN Publishing provide professional writing, editing, design, book production, WordPress development, secure managed web hosting, and more to non-fiction authors and small businesses. Focus on what you do best while my team supports you by doing what they do best.
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Client Website Management

Secure Managed Hosting, Content Management and Marketing

Supporting Small Businesses

I work closely with a number of small busineses to ensure that their websites are hosted and managed securely. Furthermore, they leverage off my writing, editing, publishing and marketing expertise. My role is to ensure that content they create and share is produced to a professional level. Consequently, this enables them to build their authorship in their field.

Christchurch Then and Now Book

I am working on the 4th edition of my Christchurch Comparison Photo Book

Covid-19 Edition

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, I had been working on the 4th edition of the Christchurch Then and Now book. However, because New Zealand's borders are effectively closed to my main customer base (tourists), this project was put temporarily on hold. That said, I have a few pre-orders (and welcome more) and will be producing a print on demand edition in early 2021.
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Past Projects

Over the years I've completed many projects. Have a look at some of them here.

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