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What Everybody Should Know About Motivation

I know motivation is crucial to success, but I’m not sure that everybody else does. So I thought I’d share my top five tips about motivation with you.

1. No one can motivate you – but you

No doubt you’ve heard the saying ‘you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink’. The same goes for motivation. The only person who can really convince you to do whatever needs to, or should be done is you. Think back to a time when you were asked by someone else to do something. You were free to choose to comply, or refuse the request. Think about how you responded and why.

2. Motivation requires a compelling goal

Compelling goals help small and large tasks get completed. While it may seem that other people are giving us compelling reasons to fulfill their requests, it is often our need to be liked that is our compelling goal. When it comes to staying motivated on a self-set goal, make sure the reward at the end is compelling enough to keep you going.

3. Staying motivated is not easy

Some tasks are tedious and boring, or confusing and overwhelming. Often it feels easier to give up, than push on to the end. If you’ve every tried mastering a technical skill, you’ll know what I mean. Sadly most people give up – it’s only a handful of people that succeed, and that’s because they know motivation strategies to keep going when things get hard.

4. Motivation loves company

Misery loves company, but motivation loves it even more. When you surround yourself with other motivated people, you become more motivated too. They don’t need to be working on the same project as you, or have the same goals. What’s important is that you all have off similar ‘Can Do’ energy, and can encourage each other over the inevitable hurdles on your journey.

5. Feed your motivation and succeed

You feed your motivation by chunking down your big goal into a series of small tasks. When you complete a task, take time to celebrate this small success. The more small successes you have, the more motivated you become. And before you know it, you’ll be celebrating the success of achieving your big goal. So go on – now that you know my five top motivations tips, please share them with others! Thanks.

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