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Is Passion Helping or Hindering You?

Passion is a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm or desire for your area of expertise. 
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One of the life’s best kept secret is passion.  Being passionate drives you forward, day after day.  It doesn’t matter if you are enjoying success or facing challenges.  Having a love for what you are doing will lead to your success.

But what if your dreams, goals or entrepreneurial venture takes a hit?

For example, life often presents obstacle after obstacle, each getting bigger and bigger.  If you don’t have a goal you’re passionate about, you risk becoming overwhelmed, stressed, and dejected.

When obstacles and challenges arise, your enthusiasm must be strong enough to keep you going,

Most importantly, your passion must survive when the odds are stacked against you.

Passion as a Core Value

If passion is one of your core values, it will get you through the inevitable challenges in life.  Such as the ones individuals face on personal development and self-empowerment quests.

However, having passion as a core value may also sabotage your goals.

For instance, your enthusiasm becomes overly strong or extravagant.  As a result, you blindly rush ahead without a road map.  Suddenly you find yourself detouring down a dead end road.  Possibly you make choices that seem logical.  But discover they are actually in conflict with your core values.  Consequently, you have sabotaged your efforts.

Examples of bad choices include:

Get Clarity About Your Core Values

Therefore, it is vital that you get clarity about your core values. 

Discover whether they are actually helping or hindering your entrepreneurship dream.  Because this will get you over the obstacles and avoid the dead end mazes.

Obviously, no one wants to travel down a dead end road leading to failure or worse.   But how will you know if passion is currently sabotaging or blinding you?  And if it is, how can you devalue this particular core value?

How to Assess the Importance of Passion

A simple way to do this is to invest some time in reflecting on passion and what it means to you. 

You may like to do this through journalling or some other self-reflective tool. 

Or you could enlist the help of an insightful friend or experienced personal development coach.  This is one of the services I provide to individuals on heroic quests.  

Ultimately, you are 100% responsible for understanding how important passion is as a core value to you.  Also whether it is helping or hindering you. Once you get clarity on this you can make the necessary adjustments to use it to keep you motivated.  And more importantly, to continue moving forward towards your success as your life story unfolds.

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