Passion Core Value

Is Passion Helping or Hindering You?

Passion is a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm or desire for your area of expertise.  Definition from

As an entrepreneur, you need to have passion to drive you forward, day after day, regardless of whether you are enjoying success or facing challenges.

What if your entrepreneurship venture takes a hit? What if life presents obstacle after obstacle, each getting bigger and bigger until you become overwhelmed, stressed, and dejected? Will your enthusiasm be strong enough to keep you going? Will it survive when the odds are stacked against you?

Passion as a Core Value

If passion is one of your core values, it will get you through the inevitable challenges entrepreneurs and individuals face on personal development and self-empowerment journeys.

However, be aware that having passion as a core value can also blind you. If your enthusiasm for your topic is so strong or extravagant, you may end up detouring down a dead end road. You could make choices that seem to make sense, but are actually in conflict with your core value, and end up sabotaging your efforts.

Bad choices could be:

♦ Not having clarity about the value you bring to the marketplace;

♦ Lack of insight into the path you really want to travel;

♦ Working on someone else’s business in order to avoid risk;

♦ Letting others profit from your enthusiasm for your topic;

♦ Giving away your intellectual property too cheap, or for free;

♦ Devaluing your worth by selling to the mass market.

♦ Blindly pursuing your dream without having done due diligence.

Getting clear about how your core values are helping or hindering your entrepreneurship dream will get you over the obstacles and avoid the dead end mazes.

No one wants to travel down the road that leads to failure and poverty, and you are no different. If passion is currently sabotaging or blinding you, you need to move away from this core value now.

How important is passion to you as a self-motivated entrepreneur seeking success?

It is your responsibility to understand what passion means to you, how important it is as a core value, and whether it is helping or hindering you. Once you get clarity on this, make the necessary adjustments to use it to keep you motivated and moving forward towards your success as a self-motivated entrepreneur.

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