Personal Development Coaching (Single Session)


Personal development coaching fast tracks your life transforming journey.  Whether you want to write a book, identify your strengths, or create a well formed goal, coaching is an effective way to do this.  It helps you to get clarity, and realign your life, values, purpose, goals and actions.

Leverage off my expertise through a personal development coaching 90 minute session (90 minutes = 1 Qty).  Read the description below for more information.


Personal Development Coaching

Sessions are conducted via our secure online meeting platform or in-person in Christchurch, NZ.

Firstly, in a personal development coaching session we work on the next chapter of your life story.  Specifically identifying what you are passionate about and then pursuing your dreams, goals, and so on.  Therefore, it is important that you are committed to this life transforming journey.  Furthermore, you are open to being coached.  Likewise, you agree to taking ownership, accountability, and responsibility.  This includes how you think, feel, act, and communicate.  Because this is how you will get the success results you desire.

Consequently, my role as your personal development coach is to be your experienced guide or mentor.  To clarify, I commit to being fully present in our sessions.  Above all, I am actively listening to and supporting you.  Also, I will offer exercises and models that help you to develop more effective strategies and processes.  However, you need to do the required work to achieve your desired outcomes.  In other words, our personal development coaching sessions focus entirely on whatever you want to work on.  And you leverage off my KESWiN™ to grow and progress on your journey.

KESWiN™ is an acronym for an individual’s valuable talents and attributes, including your:

  • Knowledge
  • Experiences
  • Skillsets
  • Wisdom
  • ideas
  • Narratives

Personal Development Coaching Achieves Positive Outcomes

What do you want to accomplish during our time together?  For example, some suggestions include:

  • Personal Development Coaching (NLP).
  • KESWiN™ Identification.
  • Core Values Elicitation.
  • Goal Setting, Strategy and Action Planning.
  • Non-Fiction Writing (for articles, websites and books).
  • Content Marketing and Management.
  • WordPress Design, Hosting, and Management.
  • Blog Post/Article Publishing and Social Media Sharing.
  • Digital and Print Product Development.
  • Indie Book Publishing.
  • Authority Brand Building.
  • Speaking in Public with Confidence.

My Mission:

To empower you to discover what makes your heart sing, and pursue passion-based adventures.  So that you share your unique and valuable talents and attributes.

Work with Deb Donnell

Book your first personal development coaching session (90 minute duration) by clicking on the [Add to Cart] button.  Then complete your purchase.  Next, Deb will contact you.  This is to discuss your needs as well as arrange a time and location for your session.

  • Online sessions will be conducted through a secure online meeting platform.
  • In person sessions are available in Christchurch, New Zealand.
  • If you live outside of Christchurch, New Zealand, and wish to work face-to-face, travel costs will be at your expense.
  • If you would prefer to discuss options or have a no-obligation introductory chat before booking, please contact Deb.
  • Alternatively, you can work with Deb Donnell inside KESWiN™ Academy.  For more info click here.

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