Personal Development Contract

Personal Development Contract

Signing a Personal Development Contract means that you ready to accept 100% ownership for every area of your life. Personal development requires commitment and disciplined effort to improve. The personal development contract can be signed only by you. However, having an accountability partner to witness it will increase your chances of success. Make sure this is someone you trust, and is committed to supporting you. Better still, they should be on their own personal development journey too.

If you are wanting your life to change, and are ready to work hard on your personal development, please write the following in your notebook, and sign and date it at the bottom. This is a contract with yourself.

My Personal Development Contract

I, _____________________________, take 100% ownership, accountability and responsibility for every area of my life. I acknowledge that my current position in life is a result of my own thoughts, feelings, and actions, and no one else’s. I confirm that I was thinking, feeling and acting to the best of my abilities at the time. I am ready to improve any area of my life where I have less than 100% satisfaction. I understand that this is a personal development journey that I am about to embark on. I expect that this journey will not be easy because there will be challenges and obstacles to face and overcome as I take risks, stretch and grow. I am prepared do the hard work required, and will commit to a lifelong journey of change and improvement, to do all that I can do to become the person I desire to be.

Signed _____________________________________

Date _______________________________________

Once you have completed this contract, please visit our personal development section to begin your personal development journey. Having clear, defined goals in place helps you to honour your personal development contract. Congratulations for beginning the lifelong journey of change and improvement.

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