I’ve been an avid student and practitioner of entrepreneurship, self motivation and success factors for most of my life. As an entrepreneur, I have set up my own businesses, and assisted with the development and growth of other businesses. This is not an easy path. There are days where you want to give up and go and get a ‘real’ job. You can go through periods where everything seems overwhelming, or the odds are totally stacked against you.

This happened to me in 2011, when the devastating Christchurch Earthquake struck at lunchtime on February 22. It destroyed my city’s central business district (downtown), killed 185 people and seriously injured thousands. The impact on business in Canterbury, New Zealand has been ongoing. Five years on, many small businesses are still struggling. Most did not survive at all.

This disaster gave me an opportunity to launch a project I had been working on for many years, and it also diverted me from the path I had been following: training entrepreneurs to start up, run and grow their business through SEO copywriting and online content marketing.

After a five year detour (with the last year being particularly difficult), I have finally recovered enough from the earthquake to return to the mission I was focusing on before the earthquake struck:

My mission this lifetime is to encourage self motivated entrepreneurs to release their trapped dreams and grow successful businesses.

How can I achieve this mission? By sharing the KESWIN (Knowledge, Experiences, Skills, Wisdom, Ideas, Natural Abilities) I have created throughout my lifetime, and the KESWIN of my mentors. This is provided as information, tips, tools, mentoring and training on this and my company websites and publications. To learn more, please click on one of the sections below that addresses your most pressing needs now.

You can also learn more about my journey in the Reflections area of this website.


Deb Donnell
Author, Café Reflections, Responders, Christchurch Then & Now Series.
Founder of the Diamond Publishing System™, Keswin Publishing Ltd and Writing Diamonds
GIA Diamonds Graduate, AJP, Professional Editor/Proofreader (Sackville Academy)

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