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Activity Assessment: Are You Wasting Your Time?

Activity = Success – or – Failure

Activity is the measurable amount of work performed to convert inputs into performance outputs and profits. In business, it is a large part of what makes you successful. If you want to succeed by purchasing a “passive income” system then good luck! These still require you to take action, to be active, and to engage in regular activity.

Make sure that your activity is productive, that it focuses on your entrepreneurship vision and goals, and moves you forward. If all you are doing is busy work, or spending time on a task that is outside of your vision, then it reduces your productivity and wastes your resources. Do not let yourself get distracted!

Is your activity sabotaging your success?

You need to structure your productive activity and make it part of your daily process. Your activities need to be conducted in a logical order. If any activity is done out of order, such as before a crucial step, then your efforts are sabotaged. You don’t want that, do you?

If you are lacking in confidence, you can perform some of your activities behind closed doors. For instance, you may be developing new products or services. However, eventually you’ll need to open the doors, to take a risk, and have confidence to make your work public.

An example of input being converted to output

As an example, if you are working on a book, you can publish parts of it as shorter pieces of content. This gets feedback from your audience, and allows you to make necessary revisions. Otherwise, if you never let others read it, you’re just writing a journal for an audience of one. Not that there is anything wrong with journal writing! It’s the best place to start with developing your writing skills, and getting self-knowledge.

However, if your goal is to become an expert or authority in your industry, you need to step outside your comfort zone and share your KESWIN™ (knowledge, experiences, skillsets, wisdom, insights, and networks). Otherwise you are locked into a lonely prison of your own making, where you are unaware of what your market is really looking for.

In order to become successful (and profitable), make sure you choose each activity you do wisely. It needs to be productive, and focus on moving you and your business forward to achieve your goals.

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