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Christchurch City Libraries Book Review

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Christchurch City Libraries reviews books by Deb Donnell – Cafe Reflections and Responders, both focusing on the Christchurch Earthquakes. They are two very interesting books with a unique perspective on the earthquakes and Christchurch.

About Cafe Reflections:

“This is not merely a book of cafe reviews, it also tells the vivid and painful story of what it was like to be in town on 22 February 2011. It is a tale of before, and after.”

About Responders (co-authored with Pete Seager)

The strength of this book is in the images combined with the words of the people who were doing the most difficult of jobs. It is a hard book to read – but only because the subject is hard. It doesn’t deal in nostalgia or sentimentality – and is honest and straightforward in its text, photographs, and captions.

Read the review here

I was also interviewed by Christchurch Libraries, and this is available online here.

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