Mass Hypnosis - Wake up

Mass Hypnosis – Wake up and Open Your Eyes!

Mass Hypnosis – Wake up and Open Your Eyes!  I understand that it is hard to admit you’ve fallen for the con.  But if you don’t do this now, it’ll be too late.  Some quick tips to help you wake up and get over the fear include:

  • Put down your digital “smart” phone and look up!  Holding your head high is empowering.
  • Take note of the physical (analogue) world around you and see how amazing and beautiful it is.
  • Seek out a freedom loving friend or family member and have a courageous conversation with them.
  • Do something creative, or play music or dance!
  • Seek out humour – your own and other people’s.  Humour is empowering for the soul, especially in dark times.
  • Weed, prepare and plant a garden.  More on this further down in the article.
  • Turn off the mainstream and social media (and never turn it on again!)
  • Be gentle and loving with yourself, and return to the traditional ways of living.  Remember these are healthy eating, exercise, quality sleep, natural medicine, etc.
  • Keep reading this article to get clear on why you have been a victim of a global fraud…

Staying Silent and Free from the PsychOps

For the past two years I have watched the world fall deeper and deeper into mass hypnosis.  It’s been terrifying to witness the psychological operations carried out on a global scale.  Furthermore it is heartbreaking to see loved ones, acquaintances and complete strangers fully and completely sucked into the hypnotic spell.

For the most part, I’ve stayed silent because the resulting gaslighting and ghosting has not been worth it.  However, I have written a couple of articles on the topic – here and here

Mostly, though, I have closely followed, listened to, and validated many like-minded truth-seekers.  Such as Professor Mattias Desmet (Mass Formation Theorist).  Also other courageous international genuine experts – too many to name and link to here.  There are also alternative media such as GB News, The Conservative Woman and FreeWest Media to name a few. 

Following the International counter narrative allows us in New Zealand to see what’s coming our way.  However, closer to home we have our own truth seekers.  These include New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science, Voices for Freedom, and Guy Hatchard.  We do have a few (too few) alternative and independent media, such as The BFD.

The Four Stages of Awakening from Mass Psychosis

One of my previous articles, Being Hopeful in 2022, discusses the four stages of awakening, which you are likely to be going through. Click on the image above to access and read the article.

Those Who Are Awake Are Here For You

Finding ourselves in the middle of dystopian nightmare is frightening.  Fortunately there has been many a night when I’ve been comforted by the online world.  Where people who are wide awake share their thoughts via Video.  In particular Kyle Cease and Neil Oliver have been very helpful. 

I’ve also been extremely grateful for my training in NLP and Neurosemantics.  This has helped me to identify the techniques used for mass formation and wake up.  Consequently, I’ve avoided the psychological nudging the “powers that be” have subjected us to. 

In particular, Neil’s words are calming as he stands up and speaks out.  His viewpoint is based on a lifetime of studying humanity and history.  His latest monologue (see below) is a powerful one to share. 

Fortunately 30-40 percent of people caught in the mass hypnosis  are still able to be woken up.  However, it does take courage to Stand up and Speak Out!  It takes even more courage to admit you’ve fallen for the con to those who tried to warn you. 

That said, let me reassure you that the 30 percent who have been awake, or woken up in the past two plus years, are here to welcome you.  We have gone ahead and know how you are feeling.  Furthermore, we can provide you with a safe space as you process the grief, loss and other “dark night of the soul” feelings you are experiencing.

Breaking the Mass Hypnosis – Wake Up to a Dystopian World

“We are no longer being treated as individuals entitled to try and make the most of our lives.” Neil Oliver

The above video is of Neil’s 13 August 2022 monologue.  You can also read the transcript of his monologue “We are no longer being treated as individuals entitled to try and make the most of our lives” here.

Mission to Break Mass Hypnosis and Wake Up People!

There is no question that we are now fighting for our very survival.  The impact of Covid-19 and the medical gene therapy campaign is not able to be suppressed any more.  The global elites who implemented this plan are in panic, and are currently throwing everything they can at us.  This includes the Ukraine/Russia War, Climate Change, the need for Digital IDs and Currency, and so on. 

But the more they throw at us, the more likely it is for us to break the mass hypnosis and wake up people.  The impact of what they have done is coming out in the open faster and faster, and everything is collapsing.  The self-appointed “Global Leaders” are in tatters.  This includes the WEF endorsed political leaders across the world.

For example:  The growing health crisis (all cause mortality increasing, immune system of the vaccinated being destroyed, cancers increasing, medical staff shortages, and so on).  Then there is the economic, social and psychological consequences.  Worse still, we are facing global food and goods supply shortages.  The list goes on, and on and on.

It’s great to see that internationally, New Zealand is no longer recognised as the “Covid Poster Child”.  The people are waking up and starting to see our PM for the control freak she is.  It’s taken some time – her mask slipped long ago (it was never on for me).  Examples of the latest international commentary include:  and this GB News video below.

As You Wake Up – What Can You Do to Regain Control Over Your Life?

As you break free from the mass psychosis, wake up and try to ground yourself, you face a challenging future.  There is a lot of global and local destruction to come to terms with.  I’ll be honest – what is happening now makes the Christchurch Earthquakes look like a test run. 

However, for those of us who survived the Christchurch Earthquakes, we can draw strength from that experience.  We got through because we focused on the offline, local communities. Remember how we connected and gathered together?  We were united in helping each other rebuild our lives.

In 2022, as you emerge from the mass psychosis, wake up and come to terms with what you’ve been subjected to, look for local communities to support you.

There are quite a number of freedom groups who have been established in the past year or so.  Many of them have a local focus, and a desire to help you empower you and become self-reliant.

Some are really deep in the rabbit holes, but others consider themselves to be “Freedom 101” and are building strong local communities.  This includes Voices For Freedom, who are standing up for the  “Wobbly Middle” (the 30-40 percent who are feeling like something isn’t right, but are hedging their bets for whatever personal justification they make.

Join a Local Freedom Community

Voices for Freedom are independent and represent a diverse cross section of New Zealand society.  They are on a mission support the newly awake through the process of understanding what has happened, and preparing for whatever life throws at us next.

As part of the support, they have established local community groups all over New Zealand.  While these are coordinated by amazing volunteers, there is a heavy emphasis on leadership coming from the grass roots.  This includes local groups members working together to create community gardens, help others to establish their own gardens, share ideas, start home based businesses, develop skills, provide support groups with like-minded people, participate in “normal” life, and so on.  They have been doing fantastic work at supporting each other emotionally and socially, as well as looking after the more vulnerable members of our society.

The Domino Effect

As Professor Mattias Desmet says, “Totalitarianism does not work with small populations.” So while the world is waking up to the fact that New Zealand has been hit very hard by the mass hypnosis – wake up to the fact that we the people of New Zealand are on our own.  No one is coming to save us.  Let me make this blatantly clear:  

No one is coming to save you!  

Once you realise that you are the hero you’ve been looking for, you can get prepared and help others in your community to get prepared.  Together at the local community level, we will recover quicker.  And in doing so, we will lead the way out of the darkness and into the freedom loving light.

In other words – small actions can make a difference.  As one person stands up, it gives another person confidence to stand up too. 

For example:  when one person takes off their mask, and walks tall, head held high breathing in fresh air and smiling confidently, it encourages others to do the same.   It also sends a message to everyone that we will not endorse with muzzling our children – which damages their psychological, emotional and physical well being.

So, be that person who stands up, rips off their mask, shouts:


You will inspire others to do the same.

Rebuild Free

Watch this video to see how we can leverage off the domino effect and return stability and sanity to the world once more.   And then if you want to break the mass hypnosis and wake up – then join the hundreds of thousands of others in New Zealand standing up for freedom.  This is how we create the legacy and future we want for the generations that follow.

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