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Create More Time with a Time Tracker

Create more time using this effective productive tool which I developed for members of KESWiN Academy.  It is often thought that we cannot control or create time, but this is a myth.  Most people do not use time productively or effectively (I’m as guilty of this as the next person!).  However, by recording and analysing how you use or spend time, you can create more time.

If you’ve ever studied Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, you will understand that how time passes is in the eye of the observer (you).  Okay, that’s a really simplified explanation, and I’m sure any physicist reading this post will want to correct me on this.  But for the purpose of personal development, and the goal of this article, I’m going to refer to time from the observer’s perspective.

Why do you need to create more time?

I’m sure that in the past you’ve “clock watched”.  You’ve had some boring task to complete (or nothing at all to do, or are waiting for something more exciting to happen, like leaving work for the day).  And that second hand on the analogue clock (or the seconds on a digital time keeping device) seems to move soooooo slooooowly.  Time seems to be standing still.  (This is where the physicists will probably want to correct me!).

At the opposite extreme, you’ve been engaged in a task you are passionate about.  It seems like you’ve only spent a few minutes on the task, when you look up and realise hours have passed.  For me, this is when I am doing creative work that supports my purpose and life mission.  You wonder how time can operate this way.  It’s passed so quickly while you are enthralled in what you’re doing.

Track Time to Create More Time

In order to create more time, we need to figure out the moments where time goes slow; where we are clock watching or wasting time.  Then we need to analyse and decide if we can become more efficient at those tasks (i.e. streamline rather than cut corners), or delegate them to someone else, or maybe even discard them all together.

This is where the Weekly Time Tracker Template is a powerful tool.  It’s completely manual, and therefore autonomous.  And what’s more, it’s free at the time of writing.  You can learn more about it and download it here.

If you want to know why it’s important that you choose autonomous options, please read this post.

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