Christchurch 3rd Edition Book
Christchurch 3rd Edition

Christchurch and Canterbury are now in the 7th year of experience significant natural disasters, including earthquakes, wildfires and floods. The region is changing with each disaster. The cities and towns are being rebuilt, and significant landmarks are reopening after extensive repairs.

Christchurch Then and Now, 3rd Edition takes the reader on a full colour tour of Christchurch CBD, the outlying suburbs and North Canterbury towns, comparing photographs taken before the 2011 earthquake, and updated from the same locations in 2017. It has 64 pages and all new  comparison images.

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Creating Published Diamonds
Creating Published Diamonds

Share your valuable rough diamond legacy. A natural diamond is forever. A quality book comes very close.

If you have a story to tell, or knowledge to share, Creating Published Diamonds will provide an easy to follow introduction on how to create a legacy that will make you immortal.

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Hire Deb Donnell
Hire Deb Donnell – 60 Minute Session

Do you need help building your entrepreneurial dream? If yes, leverage off my expertise.

I work with self-motivated entrepreneurs who are looking to build a long-term successful business based on their expertise. If you are wanting to build an authoritative brand through content marketing and book publishing, then let’s talk.

Learn the skills you need to succeed through being coached or mentored by me. I also provide one-off consulting services.

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Responders: The New Zealand Response Teams Christchurch Earthquake
Responders: Christchurch Earthquake

Responders tells the story of the New Zealand Response Team Community’s first time in history where their skills were needed at one event, through private collection photographs and personal accounts of the teams and individuals involved.

The New Zealand Response Teams are volunteer groups trained to professional standards as an emergency resource that can complement or support everyday emergency services if they are overwhelmed to their normal capabilities. The 22 February 2011 was more than just an every day emergency. All seventeen registered teams were deployed to come and help Christchurch in its time of need.

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I have a favour to ask. My best insights come when I’m writing in a café, so if you’ve received value from my website, I’d appreciate if you could shout me a virtual coffee!

Although I can’t meet you in person, but when I write, I imagine you are sitting in the café booth opposite me, and we’re having an insightful chat about entrepreneurship, self-motivation, and success.

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