Christchurch NZ – A Transformative Journey

Christchurch NZ documents the transformative journey of the city and Canterbury Region. The city’s central business district was severely damaged by the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes. This resulted in much of the city being demolished post-earthquake. It is slowly being rebuilt, with a new way of living, playing, and working emerging.

The natural beauty of the region still remains, and provides a backdrop for residents and visitors alike.

Deb Donnell documents and shares:

  • photographs taken before and after the earthquakes
  • her stories and reflections on life in Christchurch,
  • information about places to explore,
  • observations on the changing urban landscape,
  • and lots more.

Deb has published several books on the Canterbury region’s transformative journey, including:

  • Christchurch NZ Then and Now Series
  • Responders: The New Zealand Volunteer Response Teams Christchurch Earthquake Deployments (with Pete Seager)
  • Cafe Reflections: Christchurch City 1975-2012

Join Deb and her guests as they create and share past, current and future Christchurch NZ related projects.

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